My name is Joseph. Welcome to my home on the Web. I’m looking forward to sharing ideas, experiments, and code on my blog. Enjoy!


I love finding simple solutions to complex problems and sharing them. I've worked in niche and mainstream programming languages, in technical roles and in people roles, and at consultancies and product companies.

My ten year career in technology has been a mix of back-end and server code, some full-stack experience, data analysis and visualization, teaching, and leadership. I have a strong self-taught track record. I've used niche and mainstream languages professionally (Erlang, Pharo, Elixir, Python, and Go).


I’ll be writing mostly technical posts and posts with a technical spin. The story of my blog:

  1. Every now and again I have a conversation where I wish I had a written resource to point to. A long-form, in-depth, extended piece that explained my thinking clearly and in full. A way to help ground conversation and get it to the meaningful part quickly. In time I'm hoping that some of my posts will become that resource.
  2. My recent start-up experience taught me what my priorities are: ideas and experimentation. Post start-up, I'd been working on a small security project, but I didn't have a good way to share it or the rationale behind it. My blog is a platform to help me do that.
  3. Some time ago I took a closer look at a friend’s GitHub profile and blog and thought “Hey, this is great! If I’m enjoying this, then maybe others will enjoy my code and writing too.” So I got to work building a blog.